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Today, the world is rapidly changing. As a result, our lives are quickly becoming more and more complex. Societal pressures require that one balance career, family, and personal needs on tighter and tighter schedules. Consequently, one is often unable to keep balanced as stress mounts and healthy lifestyles are compromised. Attempts at regaining this balance often focus on physical fitness alone but leave out the emotional, mental, and environmental factors vital to overall happiness and wellbeing.

Wellness magazine (ISSN #1556-7028) is bi-monthly magazine founded by Anna Urszula Dziugiel and published by Brawo Press Inc. The magazine proposes a new way to a better life, one that addresses all aspects of personal health, including: beauty, health, shape, mind, diet, and family. Readers young and older can benefit from the guidance Wellness magazine provides, as they learn to live the „wellness way.“ This means feeling good about one‘s self, eating right, exercising, throwing out negativity, and making wellness a family affair. Articles featured in Wellness magazine address a number of natural living topics to help readers attain a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Readers trust our content because it is educational, balanced, and engaging. Inside each issue, our readers can find articles that will show them ways to bring out their beauty, naturally, clear mind, reduce stress and stay healthy. New, effective exercise regimens, such as Pilates, yoga or walking are described step-by-step so they can begin seeing results right away. Our section on wellness food invites everybody to try new recipes that will satisfy even most delicate taste.