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Brawo Press Inc. is an integrated media and merchandising company founded in 2004, in Boca Raton, Florida. Our mission is the popularization of healthy and active lifestyles. We provide costumers with original, inspiring lifestyle content, a trusted editorial voice, and a high quality product.


Our company is organized into two business segments Publishing and on the Internet, which will soon be complemented, by our Merchandising segment. We focus our publishing efforts on delivering quality magazines and books; basing our publishing knowledge on many years of experience.


Our company history of health, fitness, and sports publications dates back to 1990, when we published our first periodical. With our knowledge of the international market and several years of careful research, in December 2006 we launched Wellness magazine, on the US market. Wellness magazine (ISSN #1556-7028) is a bi-monthly magazine published by Brawo Press Inc. The magazine combines the best of what can be done to enhance health and/or improve general well-being based on the marvels of modern Scientific health care. The main goal of Wellness magazine is to popularize a lifestyle of health and well being through preventative practices.


Wellness magazine is written in a self-help format, designed to provide readers with basic information and valuable skills to help them make health-enhancing changes in their lives.


Our corresponding platform, eWellnessMag.com, is the top online wellness destination, with inspiring unique lifestyle content. The platform proposes a new way to a better life, one that addresses all aspects of personal health, including: beauty, health, shape, mind, diet, and family.



Our main goal is to popularize a lifestyle of health and well being through preventative practices. We provide readers with the most current information on health, nutrition, fitness, and a healthy, active, and stress-free lifestyle.